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Pacemakers in Infrared Saunas

You may use an infrared sauna while wearing a pacemaker. Even a permanent pacemaker is all right to use in a sauna. Always talk to your doctor before using an infrared sauna if you have a pacemaker. In most cases, it is completely safe to use an infrared sauna with a pacemaker

How does a pacemaker work?

A pacemaker helps monitor and control your heartbeat. The electrodes detect your heart’s electrical activity and will send that data to the computer inside the generator. The pacemaker sits inside a thin metal box. The pacemaker is powered by batteries that keep the system running.

Can an infrared sauna kill my batteries?

No. An infrared sauna cannot harm the batteries or the technical equipment of the pacemaker. Infrared heat is a fancy word for light. Only this light is in the invisible spectrum and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Light will not damage or corrupt equipment, the generator, computer parts, wires, or batteries.

What will an infrared sauna do to my pacemaker results?

The pacemaker detects the heart’s electrical activity and sends the data to the computer. This tracks what your heart is doing. While sitting within an infrared sauna your heart rate will increase. It is important to never sit for more than 20 minutes while using a pacemaker. The increased heart rate is the result of the high heat and your body’s natural reaction to attempt to cool down. This process will not hinder your progress with a pacemaker at all. You will experience results on par with that of a warm summer day. And for that exact reason, you do not want to remain inside the sauna for longer than 20 minutes.

Never use a sauna alone if you have a pacemaker?

If the doctor has given the okay to use an infrared sauna while you have a pacemaker, follow this major rule. Never use the sauna alone. This simple precaution is recommended for numerous reasons. Even though any risk is minimal, a second person may notice that you are not reacting well in the relaxing heat of the sauna. If this should happen they will have you leave immediately. A second benefit to never using the sauna alone is that if anything happens, they will be there. If you slip and fall the person can contact help.

What if you experience pain in a sauna?

If you experience pain in the sauna that was not there before entering, you must leave immediately and contact your doctor if it persists. The sauna will normally cause no issues to a patient with a pacemaker, but if pain arises or discomfort while using the sauna, it is important to cut the session short. Never use the sauna for more than 20 minutes a session while wearing a pacemaker.

How does a metal implant react to a sauna?

Patients often have metallic surgical hardware inside their body, either from the pacemaker or otherwise. Surgical implants will reflect far-infrared heat and therefore will not heat up as the body does. If you feel the implant begin to hurt then it is recommended you leave immediately. Always ask your doctor before use of the sauna whether or not your implant will reflect the infrared heat. Most implants will not retain heat from far-infrared wavelengths.

Should you consult a doctor?

Always consult a doctor while using a pacemaker. If you experience any changes from one sauna session to the next for the worse, you must contact your doctor. While infrared wavelengths do not affect the mechanics of the pacemaker, heart conditions can react differently to high heat. The doctor will tell you everything you may need to know about your specific conditions before you use the infrared sauna.

Can I use a sauna after a heart attack?

It is not recommended to use a sauna within a week after a heart attack. Heart conditions react differently under different conditions and therefore you should consult with your doctor before use after any major heart attack before using the sauna. An infrared sauna cannot damage the heart through regular use. The reason you will want to consult a doctor is because heat can affect people differently. If you use the sauna after a heart attack there may be no downside. But if the body cannot handle the heat of the sauna then exit the sauna immediately.

Can you use a sauna with a pacemaker?

Yes, it is often encouraged by doctors. The relaxing heat used appropriately over short times each day will reduce stress on the heart. The stress built up throughout the day will melt away in the calming heat of the infrared sauna.