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What is the Herxheimer reaction?

Often when a patient is detoxifying or taking antibiotics in the treatment of bacteria of any kind, the body’s reaction resembles that of sepsis. As the bacterial toxins and microorganisms die in the body, they release toxins into the body. This is known as the Herxheimer reaction. Many different antibiotics can be used to treat this process.

What are the symptoms that affect a sufferer?

The list of symptoms from high toxin levels or bacteria in the body is vast. Within a few hours of taking an antibiotic or detoxifier, the body can suffer from chills, fever, headaches, muscle pain, and severe inflammation. The symptoms can appear fast and last a long time, all the while being very unpleasant for the patient.

Can an infrared sauna help detoxify?

Preventative measures can be taken to prevent toxins from entering the body in the first place. Regular use of an infrared sauna can control the amount of toxins in the body but expelling them through excessive sweat. The deep-penetrating heat of an infrared sauna heats deeper and faster than a traditional steam sauna which only warms the skin’s surface. The kidneys and liver may not be able to keep up with an unhealthy diet or a disease and adding an infrared sauna session four times a week can help expel these toxins. 20-minute sessions are all it takes to help prevent toxic buildup in the body with a far infrared sauna.

Can an infrared sauna minimize muscle pain and body aches?

Once the body is suffering from the Herxheimer reaction, the muscles become extremely sore. An infrared sauna is the best way to relax stiff and sore muscles naturally. The calming heat will rush blood to the extremities and affected areas. This will loosen and oxygenate the areas. A high oxygen content allows the muscle and tissue to slowly repair itself. Body aches will vanish after a 20-minute session three or four times a week. A lack of soreness and pain will further reduce stress by allowing the user to sleep through the night without pain, and last throughout the day without stiffness.

How does the infrared sauna help chills and headaches?

Chills are a common symptom for those suffering from the Herxheimer reaction. The increased flow of blood caused by the infrared sauna will provide fresh oxygen to blood cells in the head and neck. The headaches are often stress-related and can be relieved in this way. The calming heat and expulsion of toxins will aid in vanishing headaches and chills. Chills are caused by cold sweat as the body creates a fever to fight off infection. Extra heat can aid in fighting the infection as well. The cold sweat will be rushed out in the infrared sauna. Patients should take care to not remain in the sauna too long. They should drink plenty of water to help flush the system of toxins. If they feel faint or lightheaded after entering the sauna, they should leave the sauna and consult a doctor.

Can an infrared sauna help with inflammation?

Inflammation caused by Herxheimer reactions can be incredibly painful. The redness will be extreme in many cases and should be treated with care. Far-infrared Saunas are experts at reducing inflammation. Inflammation is caused by damage to the area affected. The increased heart rate will bring oxygen to the cells of the affected area. The pain will ease as the deep heat calms the inflamed area. Reduction of inflammation is key in the patient returning to a normal quality of life. Redness and the raised surface area will be reduced after only a twenty-minute session used regularly.

Is an infrared sauna a better choice than an antibiotic treatments?

There are numerous treatments for detoxifying a body before Herxheimer reactions even take place. The most recommended way to detoxify before getting Herxheimer and preventing it would be to use an infrared sauna regularly. There is no risk of developing Herxheimer from an infrared sauna detox regimen. Three or four 20-minute sessions a week is an easy and natural way for users to stay toxin-free. If a patient has developed Herxheimer from antibiotic-related treatment for toxins, infections, or bacteria; the best treatment is the doctor’s treatment. However, adding an infrared sauna regimen to the doctor’s treatment is recommended. The patient should always consult a doctor about their intentions to treat symptoms with an infrared sauna. For pain treatment, many patients use pain medications that can damage the liver. Instead, it is recommended that a user tries managing pain from Herxheimer with an infrared sauna session. Pain can be easily controlled with relaxing heat. This will allow the user to get through an entire day pain-free and sleep through the night if used before bed.