Top 10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Sauna

Infrared Saunas are a major purchase, and we want to make sure you ask the right questions so you can be sure to buy the best sauna for you and your needs. Here are the top questions we suggest you ask in order to make the most sound and informative decision regarding your new sauna:


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Good Health Saunas proudly answers YES to all of these questions.

Does the company have a local distributor?

Does the company have a good BBB review?

Take a look at their BBB rating and social media reviews to make sure that customers have been happy with their sauna purchase from whatever company you’re looking to buy from. Be sure to read thoroughly through and ask the company any questions about concerns that arise.

Does the company have delivery/setup included?

Setting up your sauna should not be a hassle for you – so you want to make sure the delivery and installation of your new sauna will be timely, easy, and an over all hassle-free experience. Be sure to ask if there’s a window of time in which delivery is to take place, how long it will take, if they will set it up or if you’re responsible, etc

Is the company ETL approved?

Do the saunas use certified red cedar/hemlock wood?

It’s important to make sure your sauna is made from quality materials. Look out for the word “certified” when it comes to the type of wood, heaters, and glass used. For example, GHS uses certified Red Cedar/Hemlock Wood, certified ceramic and carbon heaters and certified tempered glass. Remember that when using an infrared sauna that gives off intense heat, it’s good to check all of your boxes when dealing with the materials used in the construction of the sauna. You want to keep you and your family safe at all times.

Do the saunas have ceramic and low EMF carbon heaters?

EMF, or Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are energy waves that are emitted in saunas. It is so important for safety purposes that the sauna you buy has a low/ virtually no EMF emitted.. The EMF levels from your sauna heaters need to be as close to 0mg as possible. Many companies provide an EMF report like this, verifying that their saunas are safe to use.

Do the saunas have 360 degree heat penetration?

Do the saunas have certified tempered glass for safety and efficiency?

Do the saunas have a 15-20 minute heat up time?

Does the company have a lifetime heater warranty with local service?

As with everything, things can go wrong with your sauna once in a while (from heating elements to electrical elements, etc.) It’s important to know whether or not you can get that fixed for free once something like that occurs. For example, GHS has a lifetime warranty to ensure that when something goes wrong, we can help you and fix the problem as quickly as possible.