ghs maintains the highest sauna safety certifications

Here at Good Health Saunas, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of sauna safety in the industry. We conform and abide by all industry standards and hold the highest quality safety & electrical sauna certifications. Our superior-craftsmanship saunas are always built with safety and environmentally friendly standards in mind.

  • ETL Listed Mark of Compliance


    The ETL Listed Mark was founded by Thomas Edison and is one of the oldest product safety testing labs. The ETL proves that your product has been independently tested and meets the applicable published market requirements. Our ETL certification shows that our sauna products meet all national standards such as ANSI, CSA, CGA, IEC, NFPA, NSF and UL for electrical, medical devices, and other products – guaranteeing public safety.

  • Queensland Government


    ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System. Good Health Saunas has an efficient, effective, and high quality management system that meets all of the internationally required ISO 9001 Certification requirements. Our management system helps to ensure constant awareness of all sauna safety, requirements, and quality assurance.

  • CE Certification of health, safety, and environmental protection standards


    The CE Mark identifies a product as complying with the health and, in our case, sauna safety requirements that is being sold to the European marketplace. The mark indicates essential health and safety conformity and shows that the sauna meets the relevant requirements. This is mandatory for equipment operation in the European Union. Primarily, if you see the CE mark, you will know that it is proving the sauna certification.

“I bought my sauna at the Erie County Fair in August last year. It got a lot of use all through the fall, winter, and well into spring. I expect it will get even more use in the coming months as it is so nice to sit and relax and I truly feel great after each use. It is so relaxing and I can listen to music and read. I would highly recommend it!” -Sandy Stucker Spencer