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GSE-2 Sauna in Chic Loft


ghs is more than just a sauna company – we’re your partners in healthy living.

For over a decade, Good Health Saunas has been supplying retailers and consumers with infrared saunas. Our affordable prices and our delivery-ready inventory makes us the undisputed leader for a factory direct sauna purchase.

Passing on the factory direct savings to you means you can enjoy all the health benefits our saunas have to offer, in the privacy of your own home, without breaking the bank! Good Health Saunas is committed to providing each and every customer with unparalleled, excellent customer service; the highest in the industry.

Why? Because we want you to trust us and be completely comfortable with your purchase! We are also committed to producing the highest quality saunas for you at the best prices! Our mission is to provide you with much deserved rest, relaxation and rejuvenation with your new sauna! Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.

Thank You,

President, Good Health Saunas

why we started good health saunas

Years ago (before we founded Good Health Saunas®), we were in the same spot you are in right now — intrigued by the many health claims about infrared saunas, but asking each other, “Seriously, can something as simple as infrared light do all this? That’s the same stuff in sunlight, right?” and “What even is far-infrared light? Is it safe?” So, having no concept of this technology, but of course, wanting all the health and weight loss results others were experiencing, we did our research, talked to our family physician, located a spa with an infrared sauna, and tried it out for ourselves.

What started as a curiosity quickly bloomed into a desire to tell our friends, family, and co-workers about the dramatic changes were experiencing in our lives. There was just one hang-up — at the time, infrared saunas were expensive and typically only found in private spas and in the homes of those who could afford them. So, from our hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, we decided to do something crazy, something beautifully crazy; we decided to start our own company and bring affordable infrared saunas to the masses. The rest (as they say) is GHS® history.