Chronic Infections

Using a Sauna for Infections

Are you struggling in a fight against a chronic infection? It’s possible your natural body temperature is part of the problem. Consider a fever; it’s your body’s way of combatting the virus or bacteria that has caused your infection. An infrared sauna infection treatment essentially does the same thing. Here’s how. Light rays emanate from several infrared emitters and penetrate deep into the fat and muscles of the body, creating a more powerful detoxifying influence on the deeper tissues of the body.

Unlike a traditional sauna or steam room, where heat penetrates only a few millimeters below the skin, the higher body temperature encouraged by an infrared sauna actually helps to kill viruses and pathogens within your body. Viruses have a lower heat tolerance than the other cells in your body, so the higher temperature is actually assisting your immune system. That means, even if you’re battling a chronic infection, sauna time can have a lasting impact.

And don’t forget about the rejuvenating benefits of your sauna for infections. Chronic infections take their toll on your body, and the last thing you need is to leave a traditional saunas or steam baths feeling exhausted. But, thanks to its lower air temperature, the far infrared sauna is usually quite energizing—just the boost your body needs and an added bonus of sauna infection treatment ! So what are you waiting for? Kill or control your chronic infection sauna style.