Cold Hands & Feet

Using a Sauna for Cold Hands or Using a Sauna for Cold Feet

It seems obvious that a warm and cozy sauna would help heat cold hands and feet (especially during the bitter cold winter months) but the benefits or regular sauna time can actually work to prevent the annoying and painful ailment long after you’ve resumed your day.

Cold extremities are likely a symptom of poor circulation, and saunas help blood circulation. How? Pretty simple—it’s all about the sweat. The infrared light emitted in GHS saunas penetrate deep beneath the skin, warming the body from the inside. As a result, you’ll begin sweating quickly (often before you’re feeling all that warm). When you sweat, your heart works harder, improving your circulation all in an effort to resume your standard body temperature.

But sweat isn’t the only way that saunas help blood circulation. Their other benefits, like relaxing the sympathetic nervous system and removing toxins in the skin also have a beneficial effect on your blood flow. So, a sauna for cold hands is just as helpful as a sauna for cold feet!