Using a Sauna for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that impairs our body’s ability to balance the use of energy (glucose) derived from the foods we eat. Insulin, a natural hormone produced in our pancreas, delivers the body’s glucose to our cells to burn as energy, and Diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot make insulin or if the body cannot use insulin properly.

Managing the symptoms of diabetes requires a strict adherence to diet and the adoption of many health and lifestyle changes. And while exercise and medication help to maintain a patient’s health, it’s important to not underestimate the importance of relaxation. A sauna, diabetes patients agree, can be a useful tool to achieve the benefits of relaxation. Unlike traditional saunas or steam baths, infrared sauna diabetes treatment is a renewing time for you to relax and unwind! And thanks to an air temperature that’s lower and less humid than traditional saunas or steam baths, the infrared sauna is energizing—just the boost your tired body needs.

The natural far infrared rays emitted during sauna diabetes therapy penetrate deep into your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments, actually increasing circulation within the cells. Far infrared sauna diabetes therapy can increase micro circulation and, as a result, relieve pain and swelling, flush toxins, and help to rejuvenate healthy cellular functioning. New research also shows that far infrared rays from regular sauna diabetes treatment can inhibit bacterial growth, helping to prevent and reduce the chance of infection.

When combined, saunas and diabetes management can improve patients’ overall physical health and provide a greater quality of life.