Using a Sauna for Migraines and Headaches

Suffers of migraines and tension headaches do not need to be told how debilitating these reoccurring pains can be. But there’s good news. Sauna migraine relief starts with stress relief and ends with a renewed approach to life with less pain.

Headaches can be caused by a wide variety of triggers, ranging from alcohol and certain food additives to disruptions in your sleep cycle and stress. Regardless of the cause, time spent in a sauna for migraines or headache prevention or relief could have revitalizing effects. When infrared light penetrates deep into your body and heats your internal temperature, it increases circulation and oxygenation of cells, helping to prevent tension.

Plus, an effective sauna will have you sweating in no time, helping your body release toxins, which may help reduce your migraines.

Saunas and Headaches– Case Studies

  • A New Zealand researcher demonstrated that saunas and headaches may have a preventative relationship. Time spent in a sauna for migraines and headaches can ease headaches (specifically Chronic tension-type headaches) that result from stress because they actually deal with the pain source directly rather than mask the pain like many medications.

    Thirty-seven people were randomly assigned into two groups: one received advice and prevention education and one that received the same advice received sauna migraine relief therapy regularly for eight weeks. The intensity of headaches for those who enjoyed sauna sessions improved significantly.

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