Using a Sauna for Hemorrhoids

Like many gastrointestinal issues, hemorrhoids may be associated to some degree with poor circulation. But you may be wondering, ‘are saunas good for hemorrhoids?’ Enlarged blood vessels form piles and further irritation from pressure and friction can cause inflammation, irritation and pain. And while these piles can be surgically removed, sauna hemorrhoid therapy may be a good natural alternative to decrease that pain.

Here’s how sauna hemorrhoid treatment works. As the far infrared rays penetrate the body, they cause a brief but beneficial increase in body temperature inducing an artificial fever and mimicking the body’s natural mechanism to boost the immune system. This induced fever is one of the best ways to rid the body of unwelcome visitors such as toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

And, as the body‘s temperature rises, circulation also improves. Better blood flow achieved while in the sauna for hemorrhoid treatment can mean decreased pain and inflammation. That means, just by sitting, you can be easing pain and reducing the inflammation that causes it.