What are the symptoms of hepatitis that infrared can assist?

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver tissue. It progresses by scarring the liver and eventually can lead to death if it is serious enough. Acute hepatitis can sometimes resolve itself with time and healthy lifestyle. The symptoms that an infrared treatment can assist are fatigue, abdomen pain, and damaging scar tissue.

How can infrared help aid the liver?

The kidneys and liver do an excellent job at removing toxins and waste from the body. However, they cannot do it alone. When overworked, the kidneys and liver can fail. Once damaged they will never function as well as before. Therefore it is important to give these organs all the help they can get. Infrared heat causes the sweat to expel many of the toxins that can damage the kidneys and the liver. Your body will not lose its ability to sweat and therefore is a safe way to always remove toxins, easing the suffering of your other organs that are trying to keep you healthy. Sweat occurs when we exert our core to high heat. This increases our temperature inside. The bodies natural reaction to heat is to sweat, cooling the skin. Heat is one of the bodies greatest defense mechanisms. A fever is a natural reaction by the body to fight off a disease. In this same way, heat is applied to reduce the amount of toxins living beneath the surface.

How does an infrared sauna reduce abdomen pain?

Infrared saunas can absolutely be used to ease pain and swelling from hepatitis. However, severe symptoms cannot be treated by an infrared sauna alone. The sauna can be used to assist other treatments. The 20 minute sessions every week will provide relaxing heat that will calm and ease pain in the body. The healthier a patient feels, the easier to treat symptoms of cirrhosis, will be.

Why is a healthy lifestyle so beneficial to those with Hepatitis?

The key to handling hepatitis is to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. If the patient loses weight, dealing with symptoms of hepatitis can be easier and safer. Using the sauna regularly will provide the calorie burning power of a jog each day. In this way, the body will maintain a healthy weight easing treatment of hepatitis symptoms. Another added benefit is the loose joints and muscles that a sauna provides. The heat is relaxing and can ease pain on tight muscles. This allows the user to stretch and workout without the soreness from everyday life.

Can Infrared saunas assist with deadly scar tissue (sometimes caused from hepatitis)?

Infrared heat causes the body to sweat. The toxins in the body are often released through the sweat process. The toxins rise up through the pores in the skin and are lost outside the body. The sweat will remove impurities from the scar tissue as well. With a 20 minute session everyday, a patients can reduce the tenderness of a scar. The size of the raised area of the scar will diminish over time as well. Older scars become far more difficult for the body to rid itself of. Old scars have become hardened in many cases. While actual scar size will not be greatly reduced by infrared, the scars tough exterior will be minimized. The deadly scar tissue spread that often results in death will be reduced with all health changes mentioned previously. Always consult a doctor before using infrared saunas as a sole treatment.