Leg Ulcers

Sauna Ulcer Relief Therapy

Ulcers that appear in the legs can be extremely painful. While there are many things you can do to help prevent and treat ulcers, infrared sauna ulcer relief is another alternative – that’s healthy!

Many times, it is a bacterial infection that is typically responsible for causing most ulcers. Thankfully, an infrared sauna’s rays penetrate the body and cause a beneficial increase in body temperature. This “induced fever” rids the body of toxins (therefore detoxifying the body), bacteria, and other things such as viruses. With regular usage in the sauna, a leg ulcer being eliminated is an extremely attainable thing to reach.

Additionally, by using a sauna, leg ulcers can be reduced as the far infrared heat increases blood flow – therefore relieving the swelling and scarring causing the obstruction.