How Your Infrared Sauna Helps Low Blood Sugar

Medical experts warn that by the year 2050, roughly 33% of American adults will have diabetes. Diabetes impairs the body’s ability to use glucose (the body’s natural source of energy) derived from the foods that we commonly eat. While insulin is naturally produced in the pancreas and delivers glucose to the cells to use as energy, diabetes greatly limits this process. In diabetics, the pancreas cannot properly make insulin and therefore glucose goes undelivered, causing low blood sugar.

While many diabetics use infrared saunas to manage their diabetes, is it just the placebo effect, or can an infrared sauna really help with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)? That was the question posed by a University of British Columbia professor in the university’s Department of Family Medicine. In the Journal of Alternative Medicine’s June 2010 issue, Dr. Beever shared established research into how infrared sauna treatments improved the lives of those with chronic fatigue, congestive heart failure, depression, and a whole range of conditions, but what about diabetes? In Dr. Beever’s study at the Fraser Lake Community Health Centre, patients with Type 2 diabetes participated in 20-minute infrared sauna sessions three times per week over the span of three months.

Conclusive Improvements for Those with Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. Beever’s research concluded that “infrared sauna use may be associated with improved quality of life in people with type II diabetes mellitus.” Since many more are willing to spend time in an infrared sauna than, say, put time in at the gym or drastically alter their diet, Dr. Beever found more were willing to use infrared saunas in managing their diabetes when compared to other alternative lifestyle interventions.

Reduced Anxiety, Heightened Blood Sugar Circulation

The seriousness of Type II diabetes cannot be overstated; this is a condition that greatlyheightens the risk of developing heart disease, blindness, organ failure, nerve damage, and many other medical conditions. While medication, lifestyle changes, and diet modifications can help, reducing anxiety and stress are also important in increasing blood sugar circulation throughout the body.

Doctors within KIBI International University’s Department of Physical Therapy published their results in the peer-reviewed Acta Medical Okayama (April 2010) showing the positive effects infrared sauna use had on patients with Type II diabetes that had become bedridden due to leg hyperthermia. This study measured the oxidative stress of patients following 15-minute infrared sauna use over a period of two weeks. Oxidative stress is used as an indicator of physiological stress. Following the two weeks, use of the infrared saunas demonstrated significantly decreased oxidative stress levels in the participating patients.

Promotes Blood Flow to Hands and Feet

Using an infrared sauna increases blood circulation throughout the body, a fact that is especially important to those with diabetes. Improper blood flow to legs, hands, and feet can lead to sensations such as tingling, pain, cramping, and numbness. Promoting proper blood to the extremities can prevent nerve damage by flushing out toxins, as well as prevent injuries caused by number feet and hands.

When used as part of your diabetes management, an infrared sauna can increase circulation to your hands and feet while helping to rejuvenate cells, bringing relief from the pain and swelling that are all too common in diabetes.

It is important to note that infrared saunas are not a cure to diabetes; no form of treatment, medication, or lifestyle change can effectively reverse diabetes. But, lifestyle changes, medications, and alternative lifestyle adjustments such as infrared sauna use can be beneficial in the management of diabetes.

Infrared Saunas aren’t Just for Those with Type II Diabetes

Infrared saunas are not just for those with Type II diabetes; infrared-based therapies are useful in reversing the health trends of those patients labeled as “pre-diabetic” (those who at a higher risk of becoming diabetic compared to the general population, as well as those looking to regulate cholesterol, or heal from injury.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

These days, it’s difficult for just about everyone to enjoy in passive relaxation. Yes, we may recline in an easy chair or lie upright in bed while reading or watching a movie, but these are not deep forms of relaxation. For decades, medical experts have understood the health benefits of deep relaxation, such as lowered risk of developing heart disease, reduced cholesterol buildup, and an improved outlook on life through the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

So, whether you or a loved one suffers from diabetes, all can benefit from time spent in an infrared sauna. Good Health Saunas® offers a number of sauna models (one- to four-person varieties) to suit your budget, use, and health goals.

Here’s to your good health! Please take a moment to further explore all the health benefits of infrared saunas and then browse the infrared sauna models available through the GHS® website.