Low Blood Sugar

Sauna and Low Blood Sugar: How One Can Help The Other

Diabetes is a disease that impairs our body’s ability to use glucose (energy) that’s derived from the food that we eat. Insulin is naturally produced in our pancreas, and delivers the glucose to our cells to burn as energy. When someone has diabetes, the pancreas cannot properly make insulin (therefore glucose is not delivered and blood sugar becomes low). Infrared saunas have been used in studies to see if they can positively affect those with diabetes and raising low blood sugar levels. Many of the studies have shown that in patients with type II diabetes that had 20-minutes infrared sauna sessions three times a week for a three-month period significantly lowered their blood sugar. Sauna glucose therapy for the win!

Infrared heat sauna low blood sugar therapy can increase circulation in your body, and, as a result, will relieve pain and swelling, flush toxins, and help to rejuvenate healthy cellular functioning. When combined, saunas and glucose management can improve patients’ overall physical health and provide a greater quality of life.