Does an infrared sauna help sciatica? You bet it does!

Back pain is something that many people face at some point in their lives. Many times individuals experience shooting pains in their back, which are often brought on by a pinch of a sciatic nerve. It is said that *40% of Americans will experience sciatica at some time in their. The severity of pain differs for everyone; being worse for some, therefore becoming very debilitating for the person experiencing it. Heating packs are typically used to try to sooth muscle tension when sciatica occurs, but just doesn’t always do the trick, as it can’t reach deep enough to reach the sciatic nerve. That’s where using a sauna for sciatica pain comes in.

Far infrared heat has been proven to be absorbed 1-2 inches below the skin. Because it can penetrate deeper than other methods, its infrared wavelengths warm inflammation and encourages tissue repair, all while relaxing and calming aggravated nerves. The healing properties of a sauna can provide more long-term relief than other methods for combatting sciatica. If you use a sauna frequently, it will begin to relieve pressure on your sciatic nerve and effectively relieve all pressures on your back! Once you experience the back relief, you won’t ever ask the question “does an infrared sauna help sciatica?” again!

*Statistic from Wise Mind Healthy Body