Shoulder Stiffness

Using a sauna for shoulder pain

Your shoulder joint has many structures and muscles that are involved in its overall function. Meaning, there are higher chances for something to happen within the shoulder… tearing, straining, etc. People tend to have experience with limited mobility (restricted movement), tendon tears, subluxation aka malpositioning of the joint, and inflammation of the bursa. Typically, individuals suffering from these issues will use physical therapy (exercising and stretching), which while somewhat effective, can often times have its limitations to how effective it can actually be. The challenge of only using physical therapy is being actually able to reach the affected areas. That’s where using a sauna for sore shoulders comes into play!

As infrared heat penetrates up to two inches into the skin, it is able to effectively reach the tendon area in ways physical therapy cannot. Infrared heat has a higher wavelength and generates more heat than non-infrared light, therapeutically affecting deep into the tissues. The heat enhances cellular energy within your body, allowing injured cells to repair themselves faster and activate other processes to help the healing process.