Soft Tissue Injuries

Using an Infrared Sauna for Soft Tissue Injuries

Many people use far infrared heat to detoxify their body, as toxins tend to disturb the body’s natural ability to heal itself. By shedding those toxins you allow the body to begin to heal itself more effectively. In order to help out in the healing process, a lot of people use their sauna for soft tissue injuries. The far infrared heat penetrates deep into the body, therefore helps blood vessels dilate, increases blood flow, brings relief and healing to muscles and helps to heal soft tissue injuries. These elements that occur are often comparable to what one would experience while exercising!

Infrared therapy has been proven to be so effective in increasing healing in strained muscles, damaged tendons and other sports injuries because it elevates your core temperature and provides a deep heating process which was discussed above. This process dilates your capillaries, which brings relief to your muscles, joints, and soft tissue. Several different athlete groups, including the US Olympic team and NASA, use this same method of infrared sauna therapy for soft tissue injuries.