Whiplash Pain

Sauna Neck Pain Treatment

There has been great success with relieving a myriad of different types of pain by use of an infrared sauna. Many medical clinics have found that infrared sauna treatments help relieve neck pain and whiplash pain.

As infrared sauna technology uses heat that emanates from light at the far end of the light spectrum, it falls between visible rays and microwaves, and is different from traditional saunas. What does this mean exactly? It means that infrared sauna therapy does not over heat the air, but rather penetrates into your skin and muscles (therefore getting deeper into your body than any other type of sauna). The more frequently you use your sauna, the more it helps to reduce inflammation, accelerate tissue regeneration (by stimulating your cells), therefore helping to improve your overall neck and whiplash pain.

According to researchers from the Saxion University of Applied Science in the Netherlands, it was discovered that far infrared sauna treatments could help reverse chronic pain (neck pain, amongst the many different types of pain) with little to no side effects. Using a sauna for neck pain is a great option to help in relieving pain, tension, and stress!