Using a Sauna for Candida

Candida die-off can release up to 79 different toxins into your body, including ethanol and acetaldehyde. Between your liver, your skin and other organs, the body normally does a great job of purging most of these toxins. However, if you experience a severe die-off reaction then that means your body has been overwhelmed. Fortunately, your body can get a lot of help from saunas, and candidiasis will not be able to compete.

Sauna is a tool to help increase the elimination of toxins, and with a Good Health Sauna, candida overgrowth will not hang around for long. The relationship between saunas and candidiasis benefits you in a couple of different ways. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and is responsible for up to 15% of all toxin elimination. An effective sauna for candida will have you sweating in just a short time, opening your pores and allowing a larger quantity of toxins to be expelled.

Saunas will also enhance your blood circulation. This oxygenates your cells, helping your liver remove toxins from your bloodstream. Supporting your liver is a crucial part of beating your candida overgrowth.

Lastly, the higher body temperature encouraged by the sauna actually helps to kill viruses and pathogens within your body. Viruses have a lower heat tolerance than the other cells in your body, so the higher temperature is actually assisting your immune system. In short, when you hop in your sauna; candida can’t stand the heat.

As an added bonus, the sauna’s higher temperature enhances metabolic processes within your body – this can help with things like healing and cell repair once you’ve beaten your candidiasis.