Treat Chemotherapy and Radiation Sickness with an Infrared Sauna

Chemotherapy is designed to disrupt cancer cells, but healthy cells are also negatively impacted in the process. When healthy cells are damaged, a myriad of side effects can occur, all depending on which area of the body radiation therapy is being applied. The body responds differently to different forms of chemotherapy. But, by and large, the areas most affected by chemotherapy are skin cells, bone marrow blood cells, as well as cells that line the GI track and mouth.

Generally speaking, the type and severity of your chemotherapy side effects will depend on the dose of your radiation, treatment schedule, the type of radiation being administered, and your overall health when you began your chemotherapy treatment. Side effects of chemotherapy (known as radiation sickness) can appear at any time during the course, of treatment, anywhere from several days to several months following the treatment. But, since it can take an extended period of time for the normal cells to regain their normal cell count, your radiation sickness may last longer than expected.

To help combat the effects of radiation sickness, some are turning to infrared saunas. Treating radiation sickness with an infrared sauna comes with a number of positive benefits, including:

  • Relaxation — Now, many undergoing chemotherapy treatments may not believe they are in need of relaxation. In all likelihood, they are already feeling pretty “winded” from the treatments. But, infrared saunas offer a different type of relaxation; it’s the sensation of feeling at ease, yet focused at the same time. Even if the person receiving chemotherapy treatments has the full love and support of the family, there is still some degree of stress and anxiety that come along with going through the process. Keeping a relaxed, focused attitude can boost the immune system — and that’s something every cancer patient should try to attain. Infrared saunas offer one of the healthiest ways to relax.
  • Boosted energy — The radiation sickness from chemotherapy can leave you feeling fatigued, or downright lethargic. Your body is undergoing a toxic overload and a whole lot other processes that are robbing you of energy. The little energy boost you get from using an infrared sauna comes from the release of norepinephrine and endorphin release, the “happy” chemicals within your brain. Plus, infrared saunas help to increase blood flow and sweat production, which both have their part in removing toxins from the body.
  • Reduced skin irritation — Irritated skin is one of the most common side effects of radiation exposure and chemotherapy. Infrared sauna use can help relieve the redness and dry, itchy sensation that usually appears after the first several weeks of beginning chemotherapy.
  • Improved blood cell production — As we mentioned earlier, loss of bone marrow cells and blood cells are a part of chemotherapy treatments. While this is understandable and your doctor will closely monitor your white blood cell count (leukocytes) during your treatment, time spent in an infrared sauna greatly help you improve your white blood cell count and promote the regeneration of healthy blood cells.
  • Disabling abnormal cells — In atypical radiation such as occupation radiation exposure, as well as clinically administered chemotherapy treatments, some cell mutations and abnormalities can occur. Through infrared sauna treatments, the cell death of these mutated and abnormal cells (and even some tumors) can be sped up through the administration of deep-penetrating heat from the infrared sauna. Raising body temperature also increases your body’s ability to rid itself of these mutated cells in a process similar to a naturally occurring boosted metabolism.
  • Elimination of toxic chemicals and metals — Radiation does not affect all things evenly. Radiation in the cells of our bodies’ works by radiating the electrons shared between our atoms. But, radiation has more of a damaging effect when metal particles are present. Infrared sauna use can help speed up the process of foreign metallic microparticles within the body in order to diminish these irradiated toxins.

Infrared Saunas Do Not Cause Additional Radiation

It is worth pointing out that unlike sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as cell phones, high-voltage power lines, computer displays, and other items, infrared saunas, while radiant, do not increase your exposure to radiation. Researchers in Japan and Sweden have found that infrared-based therapies are effective in treating the negative side effects of electromagnetic toxicity.

Why We Should All Use an Infrared Sauna in Reversing Radiation Exposure

In an April 2001 article in the magazine The Ecologist, a researcher was quick to point out that while a nuclear war has yet to occur on the surface of the Earth, the equivalent radiation levels to a nuclear war are already present in the here and now. This isn’t an exaggeration. In the more than 1,900 nuclear tests that have occurred since the 1950s, our food sources, water, air, and soils have all become affected by some form of nuclear radiation. If that 1,900 figure wasn’t alarming enough, then you have to also consider the 1,200-plus nuclear incidents that have occurred which — by the United States’ own declaration — “resulted in or created the potential for plutonium dispersal.” And that’s just in the United States. What about the other countries that haven’t been as forthcoming about their nuclear accidents, such as the Soviet Union and later Russia.

To protect our health and DNA, infrared saunas may be part of the answer in eliminating irradiated cells within the body. Plus, infrared saunas contain all the benefits of receiving natural sunlight without the harmful UV rays.