Weight Control & Obesity

Using Infrared Sauna Weight Control: Keep those pounds off!

Far infrared heat generated in a sauna penetrates a couple inches into your body and makes you sweat, increases your heart rate, increases your body temperature, and heightens your metabolism amongst many things. Because the sauna heat causes you to sweat, it automatically increases your metabolic rate, cardiac output and raises your pulse. And as you may know, as your metabolic rate is increased and heightened, your body converts food into energy at a faster rate. This then allows and provides you with the opportunity for weight loss and weight control!

However, while using an infrared sauna for weight control really works, its important to note that it’s important to be used in conjunction with exercise as well. Yes, you will burn calories in an infrared sauna, however, it won’t help you build muscle – so using the sauna for weight control is a great outlet and method to use for maintenance, not just for solely for losing weight! Many professional athletes will use far infrared saunas after their exercise regimen to help them maintain weight loss and relax!