Infrared Saunas And Cystitis

Living with cystitis can be as painful as it is inhibiting. This chronic bladder problem worms its way into your social life, your productivity at work, and even your sleep. Cystitis can affect people of all ages and of both sexes, however it is more common in females than males due to their shorter urethras. Cystitis, which is more commonly known as urinary tract infections, is the most common hospital-acquired infections in the United States, but our infrared sauna technology may help change that.

How Infrared Saunas Can Help With Cystitis

Infrared heat is an invisible electromagnetic wave with a wavelength longer than that of visible light that helps improve blood flow. Typically in a traditional sauna, the surrounding air is heated up to about 185 degrees, which then heats your body up. However, in infrared saunas, the temperature only reaches about 140 degrees. Infrared rays penetrate your body more deeply, which causes your body to start sweating at a lower temperature than in a traditional sauna. Sitting in an infrared sauna may open up the blood vessels that lead to the bladder. With this improved supply of blood may come oxygen and other natural painkillers your body produces to the area. This may take the edge off or greatly reduces pain for a lot of people.


Science Backs Using Infrared Saunas For Cystitis

According to the book Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing, written by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, several studies have shown that regular sauna use lowers levels of cortisol, which is the body’s main stress hormone. Dr. Wilson writes that research has shown that sweating increases relaxation, which reduces anxiety and the feeling of frustration.

Tips for the Best Sauna Experience

1. Stretch before entering the sauna.

Stretching wakes up your body, gets your blood pumping, and increases your flexibility, and these preparations will ensure that your mind, body, and health will see the greatest results after your infrared sauna session.

2. Hydrate your body.

They say you should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, and they’re not wrong! Keeping your body hydrated guarantees that you’ll have the stamina to enjoy an entire session of healthy heat in an infrared sauna.

3. Find the right settings.

Not everyone has the same body, so not everyone should have the same settings when it comes to their infrared sauna experience. If you’re looking to truly relax, then you may want to adjust the chromotherapy lighting to our cool blue, turn the heat to a lower temperature, and play some calming tunes. But, if you’re someone who wants to use the infrared sauna to feel energized, then perhaps a radiant orange, higher temperature, and an inspiring music selection is the way to go.

4. Take advantage of the bench.

Our infrared saunas come equipped with a comfortable bench that’s stationed at just the right height, so use it! The bench gives you somewhere to put your feet up to relax, sit calmly if you want to meditate, or provides an area for you to do that stretching we talked about earlier.

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