Using Infrared Sauna for Cystitis

Living with cystitis can be as painful as it is inhibiting. This chronic bladder problem worms its way into your social life, your productivity at work, and even your sleep. And like many other health conditions that infrared saunas can help treat or relieve, cystitis is intertwined with inflammation and immunology.

Treatment for this condition is mainly about symptom control, and it can take a series of trial and error to find what works for you. However, sauna cystitis relief is one trial that’s definitely worth a shot.

Many people with cystitis struggle with high levels of toxicity in their body. Sauna cystitis therapy in an effective infrared sauna will have you sweating in just a short time, opening your pores and allowing a larger quantity of toxins to be expelled.

By adding regular visits to an infrared sauna, cystitis relief treatments can relieve symptoms when bladder irritations occur. It all comes down to how an infrared sauna works. The improved blood circulation caused by the deep heating from the sauna’s infrared light rays help decrease pain and inflammation.

Plus, in your sauna, cystitis’s tangential symptoms (like exhaustion from too many nighttime trips to the bathroom) can also find some relief. The sauna’s lower air temperature will have you feeling energized in no time—just the boost your tired body needs! So don’t wait, try an infrared sauna for cystitis soon, and you’ll be glad you did.