How an Infrared Sauna Can Bring Keloids Relief

Scarring is the skin’s natural response to injury and is part of the healing process. But, when this scarred tissue becomes excessive, it can create smooth, large, hard growths known as keloids. Although keloids do not negatively impact your health in any way, they can cause discomfort and self-consciousness in some individuals.

Some of the most common areas keloids form are on the cheeks, chest, shoulders, stomach, and earlobes. However, keloids can technically appear on any area of the skin.

Keloids may be itchy, pink or red in color, and are typically darker than the surrounding skin. Since keloids do not cause any type of complications, science has been slow in responding to this mystery of human biology. But, the condition does appear to disproportionately affect individuals with darker skin, such as those of African, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and Native American ancestries.

In those who use an infrared sauna, keloids appear to be become less frequent (in those with chronic keloid formation) and the appearance of existing keloids become less pronounced.

Before we go into why infrared saunas and keloids have been described as a “match made in heaven,” we feel it’s important to point out what a keloid is (and is not), while also describing how a keloid forms.

Why Do Keloids Form?

Keloids usually take time to appear, typically weeks or months after an injury. Although, an injury does not need to be present for a keloid to form, as is the case with a certain type of keloid known as a “spontaneous keloid” that can form in the absence of any type of injury. But, in most instances, keloids result from overactive scar development after the skin has been damaged.

So why do keloids form? It comes down to an oddity of collagen, the protein that is used to rebuild the skin. Collagen can be found in our skin, hair, ligaments, and bones. It’s basically your body’s go-to rebuilding material. In normal skin cell replacement, collagen works in a crosshatch pattern that blends seamlessly with the rest of the surrounding skin. Scarring works a bit differently. The difference with scar tissue (compared to regular skin) is that collagen goes in overdrive to repair the skin and prevent infection. To speed up the process, collagen essentially stitches the skin back together and that is why scars typically take on a different appearance.

In keloid scars, the normal collagen function of fixing injuries and creating the scar tissue becomes overactive Instead of simply covering over the injury, keloids form scar tissue over areas not even affected by the injury. In a keloid, collagen overlaps normal scar tissue with one or more additional layers of scar tissue.

How Infrared Saunas Help with Keloids

Now that we’ve gone through what keloids are and how they develop, let’s talk about what you can do about diminishing the visibility of existing keloids and reducing the likelihood of new keloid formation. It all starts with blood circulation.

Improve Blood Circulation

Typically, those with poor blood circulation will experience less effective healing of injured tissue. With an infrared sauna, your body heals faster from tissue injuries by opening up the capillaries and delivering more nutrients to the surface of the skin.

Not only does blood circulation improve, but you’re also pulling out those toxins that can interfere with the healing process. Double win, right? More oxygen is also reaching the tissues, joints, and especially the skin, improving skin tone and texture while reducing inflammation in the process. Inflammation can worsen the appearance of keloid, so reducing inflammation can be a great help in improving the appearance of your skin. All of these benefits combined can create some noticeable improvements in your skin tone. Some users have even reported dramatic results in reducing the appearance of their keloids.

Reduce Keloid Stiffness

The more you use an infrared sauna, the softer and supple your skin will become. After all, your skin is getting rid of all those toxins through sweat, and your capillaries are supplying all those nutrients your skin has been missing over the years. We’re not saying you’ll have baby-soft skin, but babies are a great example of how soft skin can be when blood circulation is working at its peak. By making the skin more pliable, the stiff, bumpy appearance of keloids is reduced, allowing the skin tissue to blend in more with the surrounding skin tissue.

See How Infrared Saunas Work for Your Keloids

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