Sauna and Keloids Relief

Typically with poor circulation, your body heals slower than it would if your circulation was improved and blood flow was higher. When you use an infrared sauna, the far infrared heat penetrates deep, 1-2 inches, into your system and successfully increases your blood flow, which brings more oxygen to tissues, joints, improves skin (tone and texture), and decreases inflammation. By improving skin and decreasing inflammation, sauna keloids treatment will be in full affect and your keloids have the ability to heal quicker and gradually soften.

Additionally, infrared saunas and keloids can be a match made in heaven as saunas can help make keloid scars less visible. The sweating that a far infrared sauna produces brings impurities and dead skin cells to the surface of the skin – making the skin clean and radiant (and in turn, combating keloids).