Find Relief: Infrared Saunas Help Nervous Tension

Have you ever had one of those evenings where you have trouble falling asleep because of all the “what ifs” in life are running through your head? Sure, we all have. But, once we wake the following morning, those negative thoughts and worries seems to impact us less. What you experienced the next morning was a reset of nervous system. If you read our section on high cholesterol, then you are likely already aware of the devastating effects nervous tension and stress can have on us — psychologically and physically.

If you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, or worked-up over a situation in your life, an infrared sauna can relieve the nervous tension. It may not change the situation, but using an infrared sauna will allow you to eliminate or greatly reduce your stress levels, allowing you to approach the situation in a more thoughtful, level-headed manner.

What is Nervous Tension?

Every day, we drive around in highly advanced machines, work on computers that perform billions of calculations per second, and communicate on smart phones that feature amazingly miniaturized processors. You know what hasn’t evolved over the past several thousand years?

Humans may have the most advanced brains in the animal kingdom, but the nervous systems of humans and mammals are still relatively primitive. Whether we are being chased by an axe-wielding madman or running late for work because traffic is backed up on the interstate, our bodies respond the same; a threat is perceived, blood vessels constrict, the heart races, lungs open up, and adrenaline and glucocorticoids go coursing throughout the body. All those muscle-pumping hormones work really when trying to avoid an imminent threat, but not so well when the stressor is related to a difficult job or personal situation. The long-term effects of stress are incredibly damaging.

Why Stress is Known as the “Silent Killer”

The difference between humans and other mammals is that our stress responses are activated nearly non-stop, whether it’s reading the daily news, fixing a tire, or rushing to get that assignment completed at work. This is a problem.

Over time, the actual response to stress and nervous tension are actually more damaging than the stressor itself. Stress kills. Frequent, elevated levels of stress weaken the immune system, decrease fertility, and drastically reduce your quality of life. Stress leads to a number of life-threatening conditions, including:

  • Obesity — Stress increases the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause fat to accumulate around the midsection. This is known as visceral fat and its proximity to major organs can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer, and a stroke. But, dieting and exercising may not be able to help, but reducing stress will.
  • Heart disease — Even before scientists found the connection, the stressed out, “Type A” personality that has a heart attack was a common character in books, movies, and television shows. Nervous tension releases excess cholesterol and triglycerides to be released into our systems, increasing the risk of heart disease, strokes, and fatal heart attacks.
  • High blood pressure — Stress temporarily elevates blood pressure. But, long-term stress also leads to chronically high blood pressure through increased artery-clogging cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream.
  • Depression — While long periods of stress can make anyone feel down on their luck, people in careers where there is little reward, but high levels of stress have often been known for developing depression within a few short years of moving into the position.
  • While we can add asthma, accelerated aging, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease to the list of diseases in which long-term stress and nervous tension have been labeled as precursors, we should also shine a light on nervous tension for its role in straining marriages, friendships, and professional relationships. The social ramifications of stress can devastate the very networks we count on for our wellbeing.
  • Has all of this information caused you to have a slight bit of nervous tension yourself? Take a breath, breathe out, and let all that stuff go. Now you have a great reason to invest in your own relaxation. After all, taking time for peace and relaxation will give you more quality time in all areas of your life.

What an Infrared Sauna Can Do Your Nervous Tension

One of the most beneficial things a sauna can do for your body is provide endless amounts of stress relief. As you may know, stress can extremely affect the body’s motor, circulatory, and neurologic systems. In regard to affecting your neurologic system, this means there is tension placed on your nerves, which obviously will cause a lot of pain in your system. Thankfully, the heat that is emitted from infrared saunas soothes your nerve endings. Therefore, by using an infrared sauna, nervous tension is absolutely addressed and many times a huge difference maker in the world of pain! Due to the high heat experienced during a sauna session, your muscles and nerve endings are warmed and relaxed, creating the most relaxing environment.

Take Your Life Back

At Good Health Saunas, we know there are many ways that you can find meaningful peace and relaxation. And, you owe it yourself; your health, wealth, and happiness depend on you having a clear mind so you can achieve your goals. To us, the answer is with an infrared sauna. But, nervous tension can also be relieved by going for a walk, getting tickets to a comedy show, listening to soothing music (or some stadium rockers), getting some exercise, or spending quality time with friends.

Bobby McFerrin put it best when he sang, “In every life we have some trouble / But when you worry you make it double / Don’t worry, be happy.”