Can Infrared Saunas Benefit Athletes

The short answer is “yes, absolutely!” Did you know that the highest sports stars and professional athletes all invest in infrared saunas? That’s right! As muscles, joints, etc., are heavily strained during sporting events, far-infrared heat helps rejuvenate them at a rapid pace.

Fitness Benefits with Sauna Use

Infrared saunas are the perfect solution for keeping up athlete’s cardiovascular fitness while avoiding a run on a difficult weather day (days when you need a rest to allow an injury to heal, etc.). Additionally, saunas are great for warming up before stretching or starting any vigorous training athletes have. With the use of a sauna, athletes are automatically pre-warmed for stretching, skiing, running in cold conditions, etc.

Please note, for the stretching benefit from the system you will need a 40-minute sauna session before your stretching. Research indicates that stretching after a 40-minute sauna session should produce a .5 % permanent increase in your flexibility. Even one 20-minute session may create temporary increase in your flexibility of up to 10%.

All in all, infrared saunas help to prevent injuries and enhance your ability to stay with your training program or enjoy any outdoor activity. It is great cold weather, post-activity, warm-up.