Infrared Saunas and Hypertension Relief

Hypertension is when the body has an abnormally high blood pressure. Infrared saunas and hypertension are a good match as infrared heat from saunas can help to relieve hypertension aka lower blood pressure. As in performing regular exercise, infrared saunas can effectively help decrease blood pressure with frequent use!

Since infrared saunas run at significantly lower temperatures than traditional saunas, the body doesn’t experience a heat shock – meaning, using a sauna for hypertension is sometimes exactly what your body can use! Different medical research studies have suggested that the use of an infrared sauna provides a different (and in many cases, more effective) type of conditioning as the body tries to cool itself.

Infrared sauna rays go deep inside your body up to two inches, creating a huge heating effect in the organs and different muscle tissues. When this happens, it increases your heart rate and volume of blood pumping to your body. Your capillaries expand during this process and improve all sorts of blood flow throughout your body. Therefore, using a sauna for hypertension typically always results in positive outcomes!