2-Person Sauna 15 Amp (GE-2)
Luxury Sauna

  • Available Color :
  • Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • Canadian Red Cedar

2-Person Sauna 15 Amp (GE-2)

Luxury Sauna

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  • Canadian Hemlock or Cedar Wood
  • Low Carbon Flat Panel Heating Elements Extremely LOW EMF/EMC & ELF GHS Carbon Flat Panel heating elements. Consistently tested to be rated as one of the LOWEST levels in the industry. Independently tested in the USA! Click here to see the latest 2018 Full Test Report.
    (Heater locations may vary)
  • High-Tech Digital Control Panel High-Tech Digital Control Panel
  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy
  • Bluetooth and Auxiliary input Entertainment Center with Bluetooth and Auxiliary input making it convenient to listen to all your audio devices.
  • Oxygen Ionizer Oxygen Ionizer
  • Sauna Fits 2 Adults Built to fit 2 adults
  • GHS Lifetime Heater Warranty Lifetime Warranty
unwind peacefully in A two person luxury sauna

This two person luxury sauna offers health benefits such as expelling toxins, strengthening your immune system, weight loss, lowered blood pressure and more. Your sauna s elevated to the next level as our saunas are all made of quality controlled Forest Stewardship Certified Wood. This sauna design comfortably seats up to two people and includes a myriad of sauna accessories such as an entertainment music sound system, an electronic air cleaner, digital control panel, and chromotherapy lighting. This electric sauna contains 6 GHS certified heaters that are sure to sooth you with high-quality heat.

Exterior Lighting
Tempered Glass

Dimensions: 48”L x 48”W x 75”H

Recessed Interior Light
Ceiling Vent

110v/15 amp

Features: GE-2
  • Hypoallergenic FSC Certified Canadian Hemlock Wood, or FSC Certified Canadian Red Cedar. Click to see why FSC is so important.
  • High-quality and effective heating elements: 5 Certified Carbon Heaters (including floor heater) and 2 Certified High-End Ceramic Heaters.
  • vitatechLow EMF heaters meet all known federal, state, and industry standards but exceed these standards and have been independently tested by Vitatech.
  • Oxygen Ionizer- Electronic Air Cleaner
  • Entertainment Center with Bluetooth and Auxiliary input making it convenient to listen to all your audio devices.

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