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Did you know Infrared Saunas can naturally boost your immune system?

It may not seem like it, but our immune system is attacked all year round, not just during cold and flu season. Whether it be from severe stress, lack of sleep, or even unhealthy eating, an infrared sauna can help your immune system beat them all. Let’s take a look at each…

Stress Relief. Infrared heat penetrates a full two inches, unlike a standard sauna that can only heat your surface skin. The resulting heat is less smoggy, allowing me to breathe comfortably and relax totally. Breaking stress with the infrared sauna will boost your immune system immediately. Signature Saunas by Good Health Saunas is a great go to for stress relief.

Restoring Healthy Sleep. Did you know sleep plays an enormous role in keeping your immune system strong? If you experience sleepless night due to stress, sore muscles, or a head cold, Good Health Saunas has you covered. The relaxing heat calms a worried mind, relaxes muscles and will not cause sinus problem like steam. You will be so relaxed after a session that sleep should no longer be a problem.

Have you been eating unhealthy? I do it too, but I found the best way to expel empty calories. I have a four person Signature Sauna installed and I sit in it nightly. Regular use will cause you to sweat out toxins, and will burn up to 500 calories in a single session. No more worry about that extra mocha I had this morning.

Increase the power of your blood. No joke, the Infrared heat used in these Signature Saunas will increase you heart rate and increase the production of white blood cells. These cells are the main defense within your veins for attacking bacteria.

Still skeptical? That’s okay, ask the genius staff at Good Health Saunas website. Simply follow this link!