Symptoms to treat with an Infrared Sauna.

Hyperacusis is often accompanied by tinnitus. Tinnitus is the hearing of a sound when no sound is actually present. Often perceived as a ringing in the ears. A common cause is overexposure to extreme decibel levels. Often from construction work or loud music. In many cases the ears have mild to severe pain which is accompanied by a general intolerance to sounds that most people do not mind. Panic attacks will often occur from the stress of constantly hearing a sound that is not there. This results in severe stress, anxiety or even a fear of loud sounds themselves. Many suffering from hyperacusis will avoid social situations because of loud noises.

Dehydration is a common trigger.

Always know your triggers. A trigger is an event or occurrence that always makes the hyperacusis or tinnitus spike. Dehydration is a major factor. Always drink plenty of water.

A sodium rich diet can be a common trigger.

Another common trigger is a sodium rich diet, which can cause dehydration. A wonderful way to rid the body of excess sodium, or salt, is to sweat. Using an infrared sauna in particular is a fantastic way to sweat out the bad salts in your body. The deep penetrating heat created in infrared saunas warms the body efficiently from the inside. The process is also quicker than a normal sauna due to the efficient heating elements. The high heat causes the body to sweat which will release the sodium through the skin. While using the sauna drink plenty of water.

Relaxing when hyperacusis intensifies.

A common way to deal with hyperacusis is to relax. Panic attacks are common and should be avoided as much as possible. If a spike begins, take a deep breath and find the infrared sauna. The sauna will relax the tight muscles and calm the body. Coupled with the loss of sodium in sweat, the symptoms will recede. Drink lots of water. Use the infrared saunas sound system to play calming music or ambient sounds. This will also distract from the ringing sounds. The imaginary sound will vanish into the background when calming music or sounds are present. New infrared saunas have built in speakers and screens for controlling the music. Keep the volume low and relaxing. Loud sounds are a common trigger and should be avoided. But calm and quiet songs and noise is actually beneficial.

Reduce stress immediately.

Reducing stress in paramount to helping hyperacusis symptoms. A stressed body will embrace panic attacks and spells of crying. The annoyance of pain in the ears will cause this stress before too long. Relaxing heat from an infrared sauna, uses invisible light spectrums to heat the body and ease pain away. The pain in the ears will slowly vanish with a 20 minute session. With the pain gone, stress will fade away, leaving the user calm and content.

Stay Hydrated.

Drinking water is key to fighting symptoms of hyperacusis. While using a sauna it is always recommended that the user drinks plenty of water. This fact is repeated because of its importance. The sauna causes the user to sweat easily, releasing toxins from the body. Along with the toxin expulsion, water and sodium are expelled. While expelling salts is healthy for hyperacusis, water consumption is also just as important.

Improve your sleep.

Improving sleep is a perfect way to help stem the symptoms of hyperacusis and tinnitus. Sometimes all it takes is a solitary night of good sleep to relax the symptoms away. The best way to feel tired is not prescription drugs. Infrared saunas relax the body to such a degree that near every time, the user will sleep soundly at night. The relaxing deep penetrating heat eases muscles, joints, and other pain receptors. With severe pain, sleep can be difficult to attain. But with the pain faded away from infrared sauna use, sleep will come easily and naturally.

Relax with friends.

Hyperacusis causes many sufferers to avoid social situations due to assumed loud noises and other possible triggers such as excessive sodium in their food. However, social situations should not be avoided or the patient may find themselves, stressed, angry, full of anxiety, and even posttraumatic stress disorder. An infrared sauna can comfortably seat numerous users at once. The patient should relax in the infrared sauna with others to keep themselves social. Social behavior is natural to humans and should never be avoided. The stress and anxiety from not going out and being alone can cause numerous health problems and aggravate the symptoms of hyperacusis. Therefore, the patient should suggest a gathering in their sauna if they feel possible triggers arriving.