Tips for Purchasing An Infrared Sauna

Purchasing a sauna is a big investment; so it’s important to know all you can about what infrared sauna you plan on buying. Companies typically can provide you with an infrared sauna buying guide to help you along. However, we’ve compiled a few infrared sauna tips that you should know before making your big purchase.

Verify EMF Rating

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields, and they are the waves of energy that are emitted out of infrared saunas. When you purchase a sauna, you should make sure that the sauna you buy has absolutely no (or virtually no) EMF emitted from it. Be sure to find out if they have an EMF report (all companies should), to verify these facts.

Check out Company’s Infrared Sauna Ratings

There are so many different companies that sell infrared saunas, so it’s important to check out their ratings before buying from them. You can typically find out their ratings on social media or through the Better Business Bureau. As a rule of thumb, sauna companies (as like most reputable companies) should have high ratings and great reviews consistently.

Made of Quality Materials

When it comes to a sauna, the last thing you want is for it to be cheaply made. Keep a close eye out for the word “certified” when it comes to the materials used to make the infrared sauna. This applies to the ceramic/carbon heaters used in saunas as well as the tempered glass and wood used. Remember, as infrared saunas use intense heat, the construction of the saunas is imperative to maintain your health.