Health Benefits

The health benefits of working out and an infrared sauna are very similar. Improved circulation, weight loss, and detoxification. These benefits come from the bodies natural responses to high heat, causing a person to sweat. The infrared sauna has additional benefits that a workout does not, such as relaxation, pain relief, strengthening the immune system, and skin purification.

Increased Heart Rate

Infrared saunas heat the room to over 150 degrees. The rise in temperature will increase heart rate, providing a cardiac workout. The heart will increase blood flow to stimulate the sweating process. This increased heart rate is very similar to the heart rate experienced during a workout.

Weight Loss

Infrared saunas provide the heat that causes a person to sweat. The release of toxins provides health benefits and even weight loss. To maintain a healthy weight with diet, use an infrared sauna regularly. This process happens with the increased heart rate mentioned before. The body has to work harder to cool parts of the body. This results in calories being burned off, without strenuous activity.

Cardio and Infrared Together

An infrared sauna has numerous health benefits along with a healthy diet and cardio workouts. All three of these things should be used together. A sauna is especially useful when a person cannot workout due to injury or strained muscles. A sauna is a great way to relax those muscles after a heavy workout. The high heat will relax and soothe those sore muscles. Infrared Saunas and cardio workouts both have numerous benefits to one’s health, it is highly recommended that they are used together.