How can infrared saunas prevent acne?

Acne and other skin breakouts can occur for many reasons. Genetic reasons are the hardest to treat and the hardest to prevent. However, many pollutants in our everyday lives find their way onto our skin. The pollutants and other toxins can often cause acne. Preventing breakouts with an infrared sauna can be achieved. Use an infrared sauna 20 minutes a day for three or four days a week. This will cleanse the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Toxins are expelled through the process of sweating. Clean pores will help reduce risk of non-genetic acne.

What symptoms accompany acne?

Acne has numerous symptoms that accompany the condition. Redness around the acne sites are often unsightly and itchy. The swelling near the breakout can become painful, causing the skin to be tight and sore. After the breakout has occurred and healed a scar will often remain. These range in size from small to large.

Can infrared saunas treat acne and its symptoms?

Doctors and dermatologist will often prescribe medications and topical ointments to treat acne. It is recommended to follow these regimens. However, assist the healing and prevention process with an infrared sauna from GHS. An infrared sauna will clean out the pores with excessive sweat from the penetrating heat. Redness and swelling will be reduced during a 20 minute session as well. This occurs as blood flow to the affected area is increased speeding up the healing process. The body’s natural response to high heat increases the heart rate. This will bring oxygen rich blood to all the veins and blood vessels. While an infrared sauna is not recommended as the only treatment to deal with acne, it is beneficial to add infrared sessions to aid the treatment.

What is an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction often occurs when a normally inert substance or material causes the body to react. Non-harmful substances can cause harmful reactions in some people which is called an allergic reaction. Many symptoms occur at the site of the reaction. They include, redness, soreness, itching, or inflammation. Many allergic reactions can be minor or simply a little irritating. Serious reactions should always be taken care of by a doctor before using any other kinds of treatment.

What symptoms of an allergy can infrared treat?

Minor symptoms from allergies can be treated with an infrared sauna along with doctor recommended treatments. Inflammation is a common symptom that a GHS infrared sauna can relieve. The deep penetrating heat of the sauna can warm the body from the inside. The inflammation is targeted by blood cells that rush to the area due to the increased heart rate of the user. After a 20 minute session, the user will notice a reduced redness and inflamed area. Used regularly the inflammation will stay low and not become bothersome. Tissue damage can occur from itching and breakouts at the reaction site. The skin becomes red, irritated, and itchy. Infrared saunas can relieve the itching sensation through sweating. The toxins in the skin are expelled during the deep sweat of an infrared sauna. The tissue damage will receive fresh blood cells at a higher rate due to the increase in blood flow. The cells arriving will help to repair damaged tissue.

Can infrared cure allergies?

No. Allergies cannot be cured by infrared sauna use. However, the treatment from an infrared sauna can relieve many of the bothersome symptoms from seasonal allergies and other minor allergic reactions. Severe allergic reactions should always be dealt with my a doctor immediately.

Can infrared prevent some allergies?

Allergies cannot be prevented easily. Many medications can prevent certain breakouts or reactions. A sauna should be used to treat minor reactions and symptoms but will not be effective at prevention. A benefit to preventing allergies would be the clear sinus cavities. If pollen is the allergy for example, the sinuses can be cleared out thanks to the infrared sauna.

Should a doctor be consulted for allergies and acne ?

Allergies can range from mild to severe cases. In most cases, allergies can be seasonal and require average doctor visits and medication. Always follow doctor recommendations when treating allergies. Severe reactions to allergies occur in many cases. When this happens, do not attempt to cure with an infrared sauna. Instead, call the doctor immediately. The doctor will often allow an infrared sauna treatment to minor symptoms. In regards to acne, a dermatologist will know your skin best. Always consult a dermatologist before switching to an infrared sauna as a treatment. The infrared sauna can be used in addition to most treatments.