Acne & Allergies

Using A Sauna For Acne

We all know that almost everyone (nearly 100%) of humans get acne in their 20’s, and while it’s not a life threatening condition, it can prove to be a big annoyance. As our skin is covered in pores (follicles), we know they can get blocked. And one of the ways you can get rid of blocked pores, as most are aware, is by washing your face. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t always work. So that leads us to here… did you know that there is such a thing as infrared sauna acne treatment? Well there is, and it really works!

Infrared heat can improve your acne (and allergies) situation, as the heat and excessive sweating caused by the heat triggers your impurities (dead skin sells, blocked sebum, and more!) to be expelled. While it’s not the be all end all solution to your acne issues, it can definitely be used in conjunction with other methods such as acne medications, facial creams, etc. Please note, if you do use any acne creams, be sure not to use them right before an infrared sauna session, as the cream will be “flushed away” through transpiration.

Should I buy a sauna specifically for infrared sauna acne care?

It may be a bit extreme to buy an infrared sauna specifically for acne or allergies. However, there are hundreds of additional reasons and health benefits to buy an infrared sauna. But if you already happen to have an infrared cabin, it wouldn’t hurt to encourage anyone suffering with acne or allergies to try it out for a couple of sessions. Infrared sauna acne treatment works very well with already existing acne treatment programs (as it responds well to a natural method of skin cleansing). Using a sauna for acne will help create a softening affect on your skin that will be extremely worth it!