Can infrared saunas help treat the symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety affects millions of people in the United States and around the world. Anxiety can be caused by many factors depending on the person. The symptoms of which can be restlessness, tense or sore muscles, or fatigue. Anxiety itself cannot be cured as it is often an irrational state of being. However, treating the symptoms that cause the most distress is an excellent way to help slow anxiety causing triggers.

How does infrared help ease restlessness?

Restlessness is a common symptom of those suffering from severe anxiety. Those patients may find themselves often pacing, unable to keep still, or fidgeting with clothes, hair, nails, or small items. Restlessness can be calmed in an infrared sauna. The heat produced in an infrared sauna penetrates around two inches into the body. This style of heating warms the body in a relaxing and calming heat. This type of heat will easily dispel many symptoms of anxiety, especially restlessness. The user will find themselves relaxed and less fidgety in a mere twenty minute session, four days a week.

How can an infrared sauna tense muscles?

Tense muscles are a highly irritating symptom of anxiety. The anxious thoughts throughout the day can cause muscles to tighten to a point where the tightness becomes painful. Pain and tightness in muscles can be a symptom and a trigger cause of anxiety. Therefore, defeating sore muscles is paramount to treating anxiety. Tradition steam methods of heating a sauna heat only the surface of the skin and clog the air with their choking mist. This causes a user to vacate the room far sooner than recommended for full relaxation. Infrared saunas use infrared heat which will disperse into the room without steam. As mentioned, the deep heat seeks out muscles and tissues from within. The relaxing heat will soothe tight muscles incredibly fast when used after a long day.

How does an infrared sauna help overcome fatigue?

Fatigue is often seen as an opposite of restlessness. Unfortunately this is untrue. Fatigue is far more dangerous to live with than simply being tired. If tired, a person can nap and feel immediate relief. However, fatigue is exhaustion completely. Every muscle, joint, and organ. The mind and body become almost defeated to a state of complete disuse. The only way to reset the mind and body that suffers from fatigue is to drink plenty of water, eat right, and to sleep through the night. Infrared saunas can help deal with fatigue by calming the person to a state of relaxation so vast that they may fall asleep swiftly and sleep through the night. Sleeping through the entire night is a sure-fire way to dispel fatigue. The body resets itself better during sleep than during any other time of day or night. This is when memories are solidified in the brain and knowledge is finally sorted and stored. Those suffering from a lack of sleep will find they have trouble remembering.

Can infrared saunas help a patient suffering from insomnia?

Insomnia can be a debilitating sleep disorder for everyone suffering from it. As mentioned before, dealing with restlessness and insomnia can be an easy fix with an infrared sauna.

How does infrared heat help someone fall asleep?

Falling asleep fast is something everyone desires. Although tricky it can be achieved through infrared means. We have all heard someone say they were so tired after sitting in the sun all day. Well infrared heat is exactly that sort of heat, deep penetrating. Although, without the dangerous UV rays. This heat tired and relaxes the body. What this reaction does is causes the user to become incredibly calm. The mind eases tensions in the body and sleep is then easily attained.

Can infrared saunas help keep someone asleep?

Chronic pain causes numerous cases of insomnia and does not allow them to stay asleep through the night. This pain and tension can build up and cause the patient to lose valuable sleep. Pain receptors triggering causes the sleep deprivation. Infrared saunas can relieve muscle and joint pain in twenty minute sessions four or five times a week. The infrared heat dulls and then relaxes the pain away. Imagine a heating pad but better. This heat heats the very muscles and not just the surface of the skin. This is how the muscles are gently heat massaged to wellness allowing a full night of sleep.