Anxiety & Insomnia

Using a Sauna for Anxiety and Insomnia Relief

Anxiety disorders affect about 40+ million people per year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Infrared Saunas are proven to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Using a sauna for anxiety is a great alternative to other non-natural methods! Typically within moments of entering an infrared sauna, many people experience an overall relaxing feeling as their bodies begin to soak in the FIR heat. By heating one‘s body, a light sudation is produced which in turn releases and expels toxins from the body.

Once your body has been released of toxins and other impurities, the body continues to gain benefits from this process such as purified skin, restored skin elasticity, improved blood circulation and a strengthened immune system. Additionally, muscular pains, rheumatism, cold and flu-like symptoms are significantly reduced.

As for using a sauna for insomnia, it’s also something that has proven to help people with sleep issues over time. Insomnia is an issue for millions of people, and figuring out a resolution for sleep deprivation is imperative as sleep is one of the most restorative things you can do for your body. When you use a sauna before bedtime, the heat increases the release of melatonin, which in turn helps provide deep sleep. The heat lessens your stress, blood pressure, and irritable tendencies you might have that keep you awake at night.

A feeling of great well-being is achieved with a reduction in stress and tension, an increased metabolism and improved sleep patterns.