Asthma and Bronchitis

Using a Sauna for Bronchitis and Asthma

Asthma causes your airways to become extremely narrow, therefore making it hard to breathe as your throat swells up. It can interfere with daily activities and cause you to have asthma attacks. Bronchitis causes your bronchial tubes (the tubes that carry air to your lungs, mouth and nose) to become inflamed, creating mucus and making it hard to breathe.

Infrared saunas do a lot to help prevent these symptoms from getting worse (and make them better!) Infrared sauna asthma treatment alleviates chest tightness and also opens up the lungs of the body. The far-infrared heat opens up the airways and removes/expels toxins through the skin. It loosens up phlegm and mucus (making it easier to cough up) – which occurs from bronchitis. Using a sauna for bronchitis and to clear up asthma is a natural way to remedy many of your bothersome issues and symptoms.

Additionally, infrared saunas are known to help you relax and de-stress. As stress is a common asthma trigger, and not to mention can make you short of breath, sitting in a sauna will do nothing but positive things for your mind and body.

Infrared Sauna Asthma Treatment – Case Studies

According to a study published in the 1987/88 medical journal “Clinical Ecology,” Dr. Jozef Krop, a pioneer in sauna therapy, used infrared sauna asthma treatment and cured her asthma. She had been through years of failed treatments from a wide range of respiratory specialists that had prescribed steroids, which never helped. “Her symptoms did not clear with environmental control, immunotherapy or anti-candida treatment,” says the report. “They cleared after sauna therapy.”