Additional Health Benefits with Infrared Saunas

Health Issues Saunas Help Treat


Infrared saunas heat the room to over 150 degrees. The rise in temperature will increase heart rate, providing a cardiac workout. The heart will increase blood flow to stimulate the sweating process. This increased heart rate is very similar to the heart rate experienced during a workout or a long job. The circulation will flow easier than at normal temperatures as the heat expands the arteries and veins. The increased flow is a healthy response the body has to cool the body. Addition benefits of a strong circulation are numerous; including prevention of blood clots, and rushing healing platelets to cuts or injuries.

Skin Purification.

The body expels toxins in numerous ways, one of these ways being sweat. Sweat contains many toxins that the body does not desire to have within. Sweat happens when we exert our core to an extent. This increase out temperature inside. The bodies natural reaction to heat is to sweat, cooling the skin. Sweat will remove more toxins than even urine. Since urine is mostly waste. Heat is one of the bodies greatest defense mechanisms. A fever is a natural reaction by the body to fight off a disease. In this same way, heat is applied to reduce the amount of toxins living beneath the surface. The surface of the skin will appear softer and even feel softer. The pollution buildup in the skin over the course of a day can be massive and the sweat will rinse the skin even better than a hot shower.

Boosted Metabolism

Exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to weight loss and metabolism. Therefore, it is very important to exercise. Infrared saunas have already eased the pain and tenderness of sore muscles and joints with their relaxing and pain fighting heat. In this way, a workout is far easier for the user. One session before and after can cause the muscles to stay loose and not tense up from the workout. Another fun way to workout is while inside the the infrared sauna. The saunas heat creates a higher sweat response and the small leg lifts or stretches done inside the sauna will burn extra calories in less time. The constant motion and calorie burning leads to a higher metabolism as a basic result. Kinetic energy is increased in the cells due to them moving faster within the body. The metabolic rate is increased because of the stored energy within the cells. These cells continue to produce their chemical reactions, only at a faster and more efficient rate.

Improved heart function

While sitting in an infrared sauna it is important for those preventing heart problems to stretch and workout. Leg lifts and arms stretches are a great way to keep the body moving. The calories burned from a typical 20 minutes session are on a par with an easy 30 minute jog. The heart rate will be increased and the blood flow will be stronger. The heart muscles will build up in a natural way. Blood pressure will stabilize and calories will be burned during the weekly session in an infrared sauna.

Depression or anger

Depression, anger, and stress build up within the body all day. Sometimes a bad dream can even begin a day in a stressful way. Depression can be treated with medications and other treatments. But using infrared saunas along with those treatments is beneficial to the user. The heat is designed to penetrate deep within the tissue of the body and will relax all tension in the mind and body. This is key to reduction of depression and anger. A twenty minute session pulls the user out of the problem for a short while to clear their head. The sauna creates that space and the time thinking will cause the user to become more rational and stable.

Increase cognitive function

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. The brain works hard to remember names, dates, and other things in your daily life. The brain organizes itself during sleep process. The body resets itself better during sleep than during any other time of day or night. This is when memories are solidified in the brain and knowledge is finally sorted and stored. Those suffering from a lack of sleep will find they have trouble remembering. Cognitive function will increase in those who frequently use an infrared sauna. The relaxing heat eases them to a state of complete relaxation and they will sleep undisturbed through the night.

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