additional infrared health benefits

Did you know that upwards of 90% of primary care visits to a physician are correlated to long-term stress? It’s true. As hard-working Americans, it’s so hard for us to do what should come naturally —simply relax!

Long-term stress doesn’t just affect you psychologically… stress can cause weight gain, weaken the immune system, increase your blood pressure and more. Infrared saunas work to reduce and reverse the affects of stress and other ailments. You have to love the deep penetrating, soothing heat that only sauna therapy can offer! take a look at the myriad of health benefits infrared heat can positively effect below.

“I bought a good health sauna a few years ago to help me with my lyme disease. not only did my sauna help me during treatment, but my entire family now uses it! we all love our sauna and ghs has been so helpful from start to finish. I highly recommend this company due to their excellent customer service and the many health and wellness benefits of their product. -Anne Fuller